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There is a fundamental difference between online learning in academia and staff training environments.

Students in full and part time study have an allocated, if not required, time to focus on their study. Employees working full usually do not enjoy this allocation of time to maintain and improve their skills, even when provided as part of their job.

e-LearningIt is a challenge then to deliver efficient and enjoyable training programmes for paid employees.

Assumed competency is therefore a necessity in developing content for staff training environments. What this means is that the online content must be implemented with tools that test the user, and deliver content where it finds the user is lacking skills.

I use the Moodle LMS for delivering e-Learning courses, and there is a much underrated, and perhaps misnamed, module called the "Lesson" activity. Using this activity it is possible to create a branched tree structure to your content, with the user's passage through that tree determined by the answers to questions provided.

Using this methodology a user with proven skills can complete the training in a minimum time period. Any areas where lack of knowledge is detected, takes the user down a "branch" where the necessary skills or knowledge can be imparted.